Discover our comprehensive range of label solutions, designed to cater to various requirements. From pricing labels to weigh scale labels, general labels to barcode labels, and even specialized options like pharmaceutical labels, edible oil labels, cosmetic labels, cargo labels, and clothing tags – all conveniently available in roll form.

GALF holds the prestigious position of being the authorized Middle East Distributor for Nor Systems, Sato, and Meto, ensuring that you benefit from reliable and cutting-edge solutions for your labeling needs.

Pricing Machines

Introducing a versatile range of Pricing Machines capable of printing from one to three lines. Our Pricing Machines offer the option for alpha, alphanumeric, and sequential print bands.

Quality Labels Products 

Introducing our latest range of premium products, we're committed to delivering options that align with your requirements. Explore our collection now to discover the perfect shade that resonates with your needs.

Barcode Printers

Explore our extensive selection of barcode printers and scanners, encompassing a wide range of options including both thermal and thermal transfer technologies.


Elevate your printing experience with our premium Thermal Transfer Ribbon and Wax Resin Ribbon solutions.